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The Postgraduate Program in Pathology aims to train highly qualified academic and scientific professionals, qualified to join leading research and teaching groups. Postgraduate students are expected to develop skills in the following areas during their training: 

1) pursuing scientific knowledge with an open-minded approach; 2)conducting scientific experiments following strict and well-designed protocols; 3) thinking critically and independently; 4) summarizing ideas; 5) working in a multi-disciplinary environment; 6) writing grants; 7) teaching; 8) recognizing and evaluating potential ethical issues in research.


Throughout the history of the Program, laboratory facilities have been gradually added to improve

and expand research possibilities. These facilities include a Laboratory Core Facility, a

Biobank, and new laboratory spaces in Research Building I. Now a new diagnostic facility for surgical

pathology is under construction. The new facility will include offices for surgical pathologists

and researchers, and will house the new PhD Program office.


Main areas of research

1. Human Pathology: evaluation of diseases related to metabolism impairment, infectious diseases,

circulatory system diseases, degenerative diseases, and liquid and solid neoplasias, all in humans.

2. Experimental Pathology: evaluation of diseases related to metabolism impairment, infectious

diseases, circulatory system diseases, degenerative diseases and neoplastic diseases in experimental

models (animal and in vitro).

3. Forensic Pathology: improvement of histopathological diagnostic methods and molecular biology

applied to forensic diagnosis; evaluation of gene and genotype frequencies in the Brazilian population.


Program supervisors:

Andrea de Moraes Malinverni

Angela Flavia Logullo Waitzberg

Caroline Marcantonio Ferreira

Celina Tizuko Fujiyama Oshima

Daniel Araki Ribeiro

Edna Sadayo Miazato Iwamura

Gilles Landman

Gustavo Rubino de Azevedo Focchi

Joao Norberto Stavale

Luciano Figueiredo Borges

Maria Regina Regis Silva

Maria Teresa de Seixas Alves

Paula Midori Castelo

Rita Sinigaglia Coimbra

Silvia Saiuli Miki Ihara


Contact us:


Ed. Ciências Biomédicas – Rua Botucatu, 862 – 6º andar – Vila Clementino – Cep 04023-062

São Paulo/SP – Brazil



Telephone: (55 11) 5576-4848 extension 2933

Facebook: Pós Graduação Patologia - Unifesp

For more details: https://www.unifesp.br/campus/sao/camarapg/images/DocsDivulgacao/AnuarioEPM.pdf

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