1º Colóquio Internacional Humanidades e Humanização em Saúde



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1st International Colloquium on Humanities and Humanisation in the Health Sciences

november 16, 17 and 18, 2011

The Center for History and Philosophy of Health Sciences - CeHFi, UNIFESP, invites for I International Colloquium on Humanities and Humanisation in the Health Sciences.

The topic of humanisation has been increasing in enthusiasm in both universes of the practice and of the theoretical foundations of the Health Sciences realm, fostering ideas, projects and proposals, which have been culminating even in academic and public programs and policies for humanisation at the governmental level.

Aiming to encourage the investigation of the theoretical foundations of such prolific topic, as well as to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of the proposal to humanise the Health Sciences, through the Humanities’ experience, the research project "The Pathologies of Modernity and the Remedies from the Humanities: research and experiment" was conceived and has been funded by FAPESP since 2010.

Dozens of emanating projects were prompted from such initiative and allowed the development of an international investigation network. As such, this study has enabled the establishment of a research strength on the topic, with several international collaborations and developments, being the present event one of its byproducts.

The I International Colloquium in Humanities and Humanisation of the Health Sciences aims to consolidate present developments and promote new ones. In this way, as well as enabling the expansion of the Humanities experience in the Health Sciences realm debate, pointing to the present urge for deeper and better enlightening discussions on the theoretical views of such initiative, the Colloquium calls for the dissemination of new perspectives on humanising the Health field through experiencing the Humanities.

Target audience: University professors, researchers and health professionals involved with the issue of humanisation, postgraduate and graduate students in the Health, Social Sciences, Public Policies and Humanities and Arts fields.

Scientific Coordination:
Dante Marcello Claramonte Gallian

Scientific Committee:
Dante Marcello Claramonte Gallian (UNIFESP)
Rafael Ruiz (UNIFESP)
Luiz Felipe Pondé (PUCSP)

Technical Coordination:
Jacqueline Sakamoto (UNIFESP)

Technical Committee:
Jacqueline Sakamoto (UNIFESP)
Marcelo Guimarães (UNIFESP)
Yuri Bittar (UNIFESP)

FAPESP - Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo

Fap - Fundação de Apoio à Universidade Federal de São Paulo

More information:
send e-mail to bittar@unifesp.br